School & Residency Programs

Grades K-6

Calico Winds artfully introduces classical music by bringing to the assembly format a true concert experience along with an enlightening music lesson, inviting participation from the students throughout the performance.

Essential Elements

Entertaining musical selections from a broad swath of classical composers

Music of European masters such as J.S. Bach, Gustav Mahler, and
Paul Hindemith
Works by American legends Edward MacDowell, John Phillip Sousa
Folk and Dance music from around the world

Explanation of wind instruments

What do they look like?
What do they sound like?
What are they made of?
How do they make the sound?

Ensemble characteristics

What is a quintet?
What is a wind quintet?
What instrument families are represented?
How do the sounds of the instruments work together?

Ear training

Stage choreography aids students’ listening skills
Directed questions about the music teaches cognitive listening

Engaging student participation in music making

Encourage students’ imagination through musical storytelling

Children’s Concert Companion

To further the learning experience beyond the musical event the Children’s Concert Companion is a booklet filled with fun facts, projects and puzzles directly related to the program. Grades 3rd to 6th

Available for sale at concerts, online
and as a handout at educational programs.

Enliven a School Instrumental Music Program

Band and Orchestra students through 12th grade

There is perhaps nothing more inspiring to a student learning an instrument than to get the up-close and personal experience of a professional playing for them. Tailored to the individual needs of each music program, Calico offers assemblies, master classes, ensemble coaching, and discussions about careers in music. Students learn techniques to improve their performance and listening abilities, as well as chamber music skills and musical interpretation of a wide variety of styles.

College Music Majors and Amateur Musicians

Providing detailed instruction to advanced players

  • Master classes
  • Performance classes
  • Seminars on the business of chamber music, orchestral auditions, free-lancing
  • Coachings
  • Open rehearsals

General Audience Outreach


Appropriate for middle school, high school, college general students and community groups. A one-hour program with expanded explanations of musical selections, which may include an introduction of each instrument.


Guest lecturers for college music appreciation and humanities courses discussing issues of arts and culture.

Extra-Concert Activity

Moderated discussion/Q&A session with the audience and/or interview before or after the formal program.
Reception or informal gathering with audience members and/or board
members following the formal program.

Calico Concert Compendium

Available at and designed for high school students, teachers and curious concert-goers, Calico Concert Compendium provides insight into the wind quintet, its instruments and their histories.


“In addition to their individual and collective artistic abilities, the members of Calico Winds communicate with audiences and students with great ease, clarity and enthusiasm.”
—Dr. Manuel Prestamo, Dean, Oklahoma City Community College

“The students loved the show and could not stop talking about it. I appreciate all that you do and want you to know that you really made a difference for my students and even some of the teachers.” —Rhonda Dincau, MSW, Outreach Specialist, Harrington Elementary School, Oxnard, CA

“Thank you for the wonderful program and the master classes you offered our Music for Youth audience on Saturday afternoon. It was spirited, engaging, educational and beautifully timed. Everyone enjoyed the experience while learning much about the instruments you play.” —Marianne Liberatore, President, Music for Youth, Inc., Southport, CT

“After hearing you play so well, I am inspired to practice more and become a better musician.” “Some of these instruments I have never known, so it was interesting learning about them.” “You’ve greatly inspired me to not only listen but to imagine.” —4th and 5th graders, Meet the Musicians, Coleman Chamber Music Foundation, Pasadena, CA