Audience Commentary

I attended your concert. To be truthful, I was not looking forward to it, as I have always thought of Chamber Music as mournful, and why would one want to seek it out as entertainment? Well, I thought it absolutely delightful, as did my friends! We loved your sense of humor, the interaction between you…the fact that each of you spoke to the audience. Thank you for an altogether different opinion of your music.” – P. Vaughn


“You were absolutely wonderful and were a true inspiration to two of my daughters who are taking flute and oboe. (My other two children do violin and cello—you know those strings.)” — E. Slowik


“I am 75 years young and never attended a wind quintet before, my wife is trying to get me “some couth” I think it is a lost cause though. However,I did enjoy the concert very much.” — L. McRae


“It was a very enjoyable evening. The performers that I see at the community concerts all have extraordinary talents, but not all know how to connect with the audience. You have both the talents and the connecting with audience down pat.” — L. Mutchler


“Just wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoyed your concert last
night in Glendive. Especially the Scherzo by Bozza—reminded me of swirling leaves when the cold wind is about to bring snow—just about like today’s weather.”
— D. K. Van Gorden


“I have always been impressed by the instruments of the orchestra but I have never listened to a small group of a particular category, namely and in this case, the woodwinds. I have come to appreciate each instrument a little more than before. Also, when a particular category is segregated and displayed, you achieve a new appreciation for what can be done. The performers have a wonderful mix of instruments and a great package of music which makes each instrument and performer a star.” — S. Escarcega
[from Concert Report for College Music Appreciation Class]