Testing Audio Page

La Nouvelle Orleans

This work cleverly juxtaposes classical and jazz styles, while employing spectacular ensemble gestures. It’s a wild ride! Recorded on All In One.

Quintet, op.43

Masterpiece! Nielsen skillfully uses the colors of the different instruments in this major three movement work. Recorded on All In One.

Woodwind Quintet

A wonderful introduction into the world of atonality, its light and snappy style shows Carter’s jazzy side. Recorded on All In One.

Sea Sketches

Yeo ho ho! Three kinds of chanteys display a magical variety of sound textures. Recorded on Vintage America.

Miniatures and Folk Suite

Melodious vignettes highlighting the music of the many peoples of the Americas. Recorded on Vintage America.


A New World composer whose composition echoes the great Old World Romantics. Recorded on Vintage America.

Fireside Tales, Op. 61

Calico’s commission of the arrangement of this American piano masterpiece results in remarkably innovative wind writing, both tenderly expressive and dazzlingly virtuosic. Recorded on Vintage America.

An Old Love Story

A clip from “An Old Love Story” by Edward MacDowell.

“Little” Fugue in G Minor

This brilliant arrangement is the cornerstone of Calico Winds, reflecting our aesthetic goals: interesting and beautiful material, artfully performed to reveal a full array of blended tone colors. Recorded on All In One.